I specialize in thought-provoking stories that inspire alternative perspectives. Whether it may be in terms of film, theater or an experimental audiovisual experience. I like when video productions and storytelling join with other mediums to enhance the message.
For a feature film, I designed the cinematography to follow run-n-gun documentary style of filmmaking, for budgetary needs, and stylistic choices. The best compliment after a festival view, “Your documentary was great.”
For a stage play, I was called to make fire appear projected on a screen for a few scenes. I proposed we could do that and more. We did video mapping to the hand-painted backdrops, infusing movement into static paintings.
I've directed and produced features, including Lost in the Mountains (2018), documentaries like the New Story (2019), and Wild Sounds (2007). I was promotions director at GenTV (Channel 8, Miami) and the editor of the reality show "Letter and Music" (Telemundo-NBC). My most recent editing project, New Dawn (2020), was awarded the "Documentary Achievement Award" at the Miami Film Festival.