Tunantada is an Andean dance, from the province of Jauja in Peru. The dance began as a satire and remembrance of the characters of the colony's final era, as a method of conveying the truth of that time's society to the real scene. 
This dance relates to an especially significant genre of Andean dances that can be regarded as a revision of the regional settler's history, a manifestation that also marks a border against external presences reinterpreted by the native population. 
Production: Fabio Garcia
A simple and delicious breakfast done in a few minutes, with plenty of options for variations and customization.
Have a yogurt or smoothie of your choice, with your preferred cereal or granola, and add your favorite toppings, fruit would do. Be creative. Consider cacao nibs, seeds, or cinnamon. Rejoice.
Production: Fabio Garcia
Fermentation is a passion activity in our home. We have been researching and practicing it since long ago. We have discovered that it is easy to make many of this exquisite and healthy preparations ourselves. A lot of the B-roll is a visual aid to facilitate the process of making the actual preparation. We will look for some visual poetry whenever possible to enhance the presentation. We will be using an open style kitchen to facilitate the filming process, using available light in the daytime.
RESCATE DE ABEJAS - La Mieloteca (2019)
In Palmira-Colombia, a company decided to stop the construction of a water treatment plant. The cause: they needed to rescue a swarm of bees. Julian was called-in to move the swarm to a protected area.

NATIVO PEREGRINO TEASER - Character exploration