I had the privilege of making a documentary about this remarkable project rooted in food security and sustainability, and it was an eye-opening experience. From the very beginning, the passion and dedication of the team were evident as they consulted and designed edible landscapes while imparting permaculture knowledge to the community. The documentary captured the essence of the project's mission, revealing the challenges faced by many in reconnecting with the land and improving the quality of their food. They made it their mission to simplify gardening for everyone, ensuring that people could easily access plants and supplies or design their own urban gardens. The inclusivity and support they offered were genuinely heartwarming.
OUTDOOR EDUCATION - Take Root Forest School (2021)
Introducing 'Outdoor Education' where two passionate naturalists and educators embark on a mission to ignite children's love and appreciation for nature through immersive outdoor learning experiences in the forest and by the sea. This unique approach to learning stands apart from conventional methods, yet it captivates and inspires children. Learning in harmony with nature fosters respect and admiration for the environment and all living beings, nurturing the growth of vibrant and diverse communities. Welcome to Take Root Forest School, where the wonders of nature come alive, and the seeds of knowledge flourish amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.
TINKU - Agreements for life (coming soon)
Production: Fabio Garcia and TINKU Kawsay Tiyakuy.
The Tinku kawsay tiyakuy, is the prayer that calls the tawantinsuyu, to the memory of the Andes, to the encounter with diversity, it is the opportunity to pray deeply in transformative learning during 10 days of community work, talks, ceremonies, dance, chicha, payments , you share with the elderly and celebration.
- TINKU Kawsay Tiyakuy -
Production: Jayho Online
Producers: Fabio Garcia – Jorge Calero
Director: Fabio Garcia
In making this documentary, we explored the transformative journey of a modern tribe in southwestern Colombia. With insights from native and modern movements, they identified four powerful pillars driving the energy of creating a new history: Community, Ancestrality, Sacred Feminine, and The Dances of Universal Peace. Witnessing the re-weaving and reconnection of this tribe through these elements was truly awe-inspiring.
LALITA AND LEOLA – A Dance of Love
Dir: Juanita Escobar and Gerylee Polanco.
Edit: Fabio Garcia
It was a pleasure to participate in this editing project. Along with co-director and photographer Juanita Escobar, who captures a lot of beauty in her photos and in her stories. Co-director Gerylee Polanco (Contravía Films) who immerses us in a soft, deep, and coherent narrative.
Festival INTY RAYMI 2014
Client: Secretaria de Cultura de Santiago de Cali y Cabildos Indigenas de Cali (Nasa, Yanacona, Kofan, Quichua, Guambiano, Inga)
Director: Fabio Garcia
In Cali, Colombia. 6 Indigenous councils unite in an annual celebration. Thanking the Sun and life for the abundance it has brought. An opportunity that also serves as a pretext to reflect on the importance of ancestral peoples and their adaptation processes in the current context.
WILD SOUNDS – Expressions in Raw (2007)
Production: Rising Moon Productions and Cyril Ducottet
Director:  Fabio Garcia
Immerse yourself in the artistic expressions of young Africans, inspiring voices that evoke tradition and tell their stories in a modern context. The musical presentation as an expression of the African way of life and as a practical way to heal trauma in a positive creative way. Young people who express themselves through hip-pop “voicing” their perspective.

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